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How to get here

Hotel Barra Mansa Pantanal is located by the Rio Negro in South Pantanal / Brazil. The closest town is Aquidauana, and the main gateway/airport is Campo Grande (CGR). Barra Mansa Lodge is able to help on all transportation arrangements for your trip.

4WD Land Transfer

The 4WD land transfer is an adventure and great introduction to Pantanal's environment and wildlife. The drive takes about 3h30min from Aquidauana (the nearest town), 5h30min from Campo Grande (main airport), or 6h00 from Bonito (touristic destination), depending on the amount of stops made on the way.


Road conditions vary according to the season and amount of rainfall, but it is normally possible to reach Barra Mansa Lodge by 4WD vehicles on most periods of the year. 

Air Transfer

Charter flights provide an amazing panoramic view of the Pantanal and are the fastest transportation option to get here, available all year round. There are specialized air transport companies operating flights based on safety and quality in Pantanal.


Aircrafts’ capacity are up to 5 passengers, and appointments are made according to visitors’ arrival and departure dates and times. By air it is also possible to connect with other destinations or regions of the Pantanal.

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