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A family of pioneers in the Pantanal region

Rondon Family

Barra Mansa was founded by Aniceto Rondon, in 1940, when he inherited the land from his family.

Aniceto was Marechal Candido Rondon's cousin, the legendary frontiersman of western Brazil and a pioneer in the protection of indigenous communities. 

Aniceto´s wife, Jandyra, was passionate about art, music and poetry, and chose a gentle bend of the Negro River to locate Barra Mansa. It became her place of solace whenever she wanted to express herself creatively or get reacquainted with nature.

Genuine landowners

The allure of the scenery made the owner build the house facing the river. With cosy rooms and open living space, Barra Mansa was a refuge for the whole family during the holidays.

This tranquil family location soon attracted many visitors to the farm and under the award-winning musician and composer Guilherme Rondon (Aniceto's grandson) the gates were opened to the public to welcome all visitors in 1996.

João Victor de Barros (Guilherme´s father) set the tone for the Pantanal hospitality, receiving everyone with warmth and making the guest’s part of the family. With his wife, Ivone Rondon de Barros, he trained the local community, accustomed to working with cattle, to kindly assist visitors in their Pantanal experience.

Rondon de Barros traditional way of welcoming visitors to the Pantanal is still present in the receptivity of Guilherme and his wife, Claudia.

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