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Vazante Season

From April to June

The waters from the wet season are draining into the Negro River and follow its course to the Paraguay River.

The Vazante do Castelo's crystal clear waters flow through the fields of Barra Mansa, and is one of the most beautiful sceneries for canoeing and horse riding in Pantanal

Caimans, stingrays, anacondas, colourful fishes and algae can be photographed in their natural environment here at Barra Mansa during this season,  very special time to come to Pantanal.

Dry Season

From July to November


The best period to see the great variety of wildlife existent in Pantanal. Animals are moving around searching for food and water, mostly in the open areas when it is easy to spot them. Trees are home to breeding birds, which can be easily spot on a walk or on a safari. The Negro River is a very important habitat for innumerous wildlife species at this time of the year, and each curve of the river reveals a white sandy beach and excellent opportunities for wildlife watching and photography. 

This is also a great period to rest and enjoy the sounds of nature. You can choose a book to read under a shade and enjoy the peace of the Pantanal. Children have fun playing games and exploring around the lodge, where many times we can see otters and giant otters feeding in the water and capybaras and caimans resting by the riverbanks.

Wet Season

From December to March

The rainfall renews the Pantanal life cycle and creates a very special environment to be explored and admired. Countless lagoons linked to each other in addition to the exuberant Vazante do Castelo and the Negro River transforms the surrounding area of Barra Mansa Lodge Pantanal into several islands.

You will be amazed by the landscapes and the array of colors in the sky reflected on the waters. Wildlife can be watched from boats, canoes, horseback or walking in trails through the non-flooding forests. Travelers discover the beauties of the waters, and all the natural features of the most important moment of renovation in Pantanal.

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